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This user is currently NOT AUTHENTICATED. This user has not authenticated for more than 1644 days. If you are currently talking to someone who claims to be this person, you may be talking to an impostor and scammer.

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9998 seco sturles 1060 2012-03-28 21:20:10 1 Very nice and helpful entity: Thanks for trading :-)
9229 seco nanotube 801 2012-02-19 20:11:43 1 always staying loyal and democratic not trying to abuse his administrative rights to change the WoT experience
5848 seco Keefe 614 2011-06-29 13:06:45 1 Very kind trader. Keeps his word immediatly!
18293 seco episking- 504 2012-12-04 20:51:18 1 Very fast and nice tx: Thanks for the help! :)
10924 seco GlooBoy 252 2012-05-12 19:08:56 1 Nice and fast tx: Had no problems to stick on an agreemend we made some time ago. Will happily take risk for him again :-)
8772 seco pigeons 248 2012-04-15 23:54:56 1 Nice contact, and very comfortable exchanging with him: Would enjoy future correspondence :-)
8282 seco yossarian 219 2011-12-22 09:44:47 1 Very fast response, and reliable statements
10367 seco jcpham 159 2012-10-24 01:47:31 3 Nice, fast and target-oriented trustworthy conversation; Loaned him some BTC: Always kept the agreed maturity date and amount of payback including a kind interest, as well as he also keeps this word without any interventions!
8146 seco Mqrius 151 2012-01-04 17:28:06 2 Very fast reaction and relieable declarations: Traded 2 times and would always again!
12489 seco kakobrekla 146 2013-05-01 16:40:06 2 Knowing each other for years now. He is always interested in a transaction: Smooth and all good. Thanks for the cooperation! :-)
8672 seco sonba 102 2012-01-24 12:53:47 2 reliable communication: keeps his word, and even better then promised :)
9157 seco smickles 93 2012-02-17 01:25:58 1 great transaction: very realtime clearing :-)
9150 seco paulzag 92 2012-03-29 05:54:50 2 Doing smooth transactions without any problems! Was also able to follow a public transaction of him with an unregistered member (bitcoinsforsale): PaulZag is a kind person and always kept his word! :-)
10151 seco DeaDTerra 83 2012-04-29 10:42:13 1 I gladly confirm 2-way-handshare between forumuser DeaDTerra on and this #bitcoin-otc-User; Followed your Investment fund for a while now, happily invested some coins in you and already received payouts :-)
10326 seco akhan08 78 2012-04-14 23:43:29 1 Kind contact, and smooth tx: Anytime again :-)
11008 seco ageis 70 2012-05-18 01:34:15 1 Nice and straightforward; We arranged a loan, and he was able to pay me back the same day: Would always repeat :-)
8775 seco Jamalaka 42 2012-01-24 12:48:42 1 nice guy and keeping his word
10002 seco AndrewNTH 36 2012-05-01 22:52:55 3 Loaned him several amounts of BTC: So far, he always kept the agreed maturity dates and amount of payback incl. always a VERY kind interest! Summing it up he has always been a kind, valuable and trustworthy person. We even did some other work together :-)
11431 seco sic_nic 35 2012-06-04 23:15:24 1 Nice guy; donated for me helping him out: More important, he promised to do so before he even was registered. Managed to reauth to me giving me a personal known password i issued him at beginning: Welcome again to bitcoin-otc! :)
11435 seco Newar 32 2012-06-05 11:39:38 1 Very helpful guy, who kept his word even after i paid him: Managed to track a lost transaction, and recovered it! Thats real OTC, welcome! **
10964 seco ultramancool 30 2012-05-15 00:35:03 1 Nice and quick trade with a hot voucher: Great guy who follows his words! :)
11059 seco Bitsmith 29 2012-05-21 15:27:22 1 Nice guy, and also nice and true OTC transaction, on which we both learned from: Thanks! :)
8663 seco hexu 23 2012-02-02 00:23:07 2 loaned him two amounts of BTC: Kept the agreed maturity date and amount of payback :-)
11417 seco gamambel 23 2012-06-05 11:35:40 2 2 superfast trades: Everything went perfect! Nice guy, knowing him for months now
9349 seco neonindian 22 2012-04-03 21:25:59 1 loaned him an amount of BTC: Even he paid back the coins one month after maturity, with the reasons he stated he still seems a trustworthy person: Just dont take it too exact if it comes to an appointment in future: He might be a few weeks later then expected ;P
9225 seco spawn- 20 2012-02-21 04:01:59 -1 Delaying payment, and information trying to back out agreement (; #bitcoin-court did not convince him different behavioral. After much public hassle ( , and /2012/02/21/4), he finally paid, and also confirmed my payment not understanding why rating doesnt change afterall: One simply cannot trust his word, and I suggest to never take risk for him.
10554 seco UukGoblin 20 2012-04-24 15:28:42 1 easy Transaction, and nice smalltalk: Would be happy to trade again :)
5862 seco przemy 17 2011-06-30 00:00:11 1 Very pleased and kind partner
8592 seco diacetyl 10 2012-03-05 05:17:11 -1 loaned him an amount of BTC: Maturity was 2012-Feb-01: PAYBACK OVERDUE (Bitcoin address for repay is known by him); Although doesnt seem to be active anylonger: diacetyl, pay me back immediately after you are authed and also contact me via memoserv with adequate reason if you want this rating gone!
10903 seco publio 10 2012-05-11 23:40:23 1 Smooth and fast transaction: Always welcome entity :)
10938 seco NASDAQEnema 10 2012-10-24 01:41:50 2 Loaned him another amount of BTC: This time he roughly kept the initial maturity date but with agreement paying it back a month after without any further intervention by me :-). So far he always kept his word and has always been a nice guy who seems to be around for longer time! **
8741 seco hackerman2 7 2012-01-22 15:35:02 1 quick exchange went smooth: always again :-)
11434 seco tesla 6 2012-06-16 16:04:05 1 Nice guy: Took risk to pay me knowing that technical problems on my side might occur. Had patience to wait until everything cleared out: Thank you!
9967 seco Loosey 5 2012-03-26 16:10:17 1 Basically due to not giving up on registration process after 2hours, and because i kept track on a yet still successful first trade between two 0-rated new members of WoT :-)
10104 seco paperk 5 2012-05-02 03:24:54 2 Second transaction with him without any flaws: Seems to be a faithfull member keeping his word :)
10383 seco LordCanti 5 2012-04-18 03:56:58 1 Very comfortable and secure trade: Enjoyed doing a transaction with him, and would fair-minded repeat!
10966 seco wired 5 2012-05-15 01:13:04 1 Very kind person: We managed to complete a deal (accidently 2 :-) just along the way while talking about totally different topics: Would always enjoy again such an exchanging smalltalk :-)
13195 seco bassula 5 2012-07-30 13:14:36 1 Pleasant and accurate conversation: He managed to wait a few days until we finally get a deal, and kept his word as promised. Welcome to OTC! :-)
9253 seco vinhpk 4 2012-02-20 19:58:05 1 very kind and honest entity! :-)
10427 seco armariables 4 2012-05-07 09:34:07 1 Loaned him smaller amount of BTC: Kept the agreed maturity date and amount of payback par excellence! **
10459 seco loca 3 2012-04-24 14:14:15 1 Nice conversation; Transaction during a period of a few days where both were able to scam the other party went fine
10856 seco SuSEno 3 2012-05-09 16:36:47 1 Nice little welcome tx: Fast and pleasant: My best wishes to you :-)
8292 seco tulkasccp 2 2011-12-22 22:04:37 1 Until now(!), a successful PayPal-Transaction :-)
10123 seco paulo_ 2 2012-04-04 14:10:56 1 fast and smooth transaction: he took risk to trade first and i happily fulfilled my part :-)
10258 seco heartoftheswarm 2 2012-04-19 19:25:12 1 Helped me out better understanding some ongoing fraud-prevention approaches by a voucher-company. Also very cooperative and left a collected impression on our successful trade :-)
10354 seco sedric398 2 2012-04-16 17:41:37 1 Very smart guy; managed to register casually at gribble while he did his first trade with me: Was very cooperating in resolving some new geolocation-filtering applied by a voucher company i was not aware of yet together with some unawaited fiat currecy-exchange problems: We fulfilled the deal under the conditions of the very first agreement!
10913 seco Robosapian123 2 2012-05-12 15:17:48 1 Very kind and honest conversation: Welcome to bitcoin-otc, and would be a pleasure to exchange again with you :-)
7985 seco Tyjb9x 1 2011-12-02 03:41:47 1 Very fast transaction: Always welcome to trade again!
10461 seco pentarh 1 2012-04-21 15:47:41 1 Easy and fast transaction: Would always repeat it in future :-)
10668 seco `g2 1 2012-05-01 22:36:11 1 Seems to be a kind person! We managed to complete a transaction during a few days on which value of the exchange could have been rendered invalid by anyone of us doing the wrong thing, but everything went allright! :-)
10694 seco pbr 1 2012-05-02 02:12:39 1 Smooth and fast trade! Welcome to OTC :-)
11130 seco ke-esc 1 2012-05-23 16:06:13 1 Flawless transaction, additional kudos for the gpg-encrypted exchange and an objective opinion: I am glad to welcome you on #bitcoin-otc :-)
11156 seco C4liburX 1 2012-05-24 18:41:02 1 Fast tx, paid even a small interest on top :)
10973 seco n0n00dz4u -8 2012-05-15 22:20:36 -5 n0n00dz4u aka venomviper aka highlevelminer on bitcointalk forums, possibly spreads Bitcoin malware: See 01:43 and above on, advertising \"deathbylollipop\" begging for 300BTC loan on irc and forums. Please contact me, if you feel mistaken, and want rating removed.
11410 seco KingKatari -53 2012-07-13 18:35:06 1 Managed to wait some weeks until he reached a higher rating to contact me again. Loaned him then an amount of BTC for a month. After a few reminders by me, the loan got finally repaid. +1 for him always having been around and responsive.
12804 seco SupaDupaJenkins -229 2012-08-13 19:50:50 1 Loaned him an amount of BTC: Kept the agreed maturity date and amount of payback by paying for overdueness. He is a nice guy! Seems to have problems in community but for me nothing related to bitcoin-otc ;-)