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6775 gfinn nanotube 801 2011-08-17 01:37:05 1 paid me 0.05 bitcoins for bitcoin challenge
6530 gfinn cory 222 2012-06-19 04:43:25 3 3 trades over the last year. all went very smoothly
6979 gfinn Mad7Scientist 199 2011-09-02 01:36:43 1 good transaction, fairly small
6820 gfinn rg 159 2011-08-21 22:06:06 1 helped me recover some funds after a trade with another guy went bad
6428 gfinn kgo 53 2011-08-25 01:55:44 4 multiple deals, all good, worth several 10s of BTC
6711 gfinn random_cat 52 2011-08-14 01:59:19 2 good trade, bought some BTC for cash
6947 gfinn vragnaroda 32 2011-08-30 07:23:13 1
6661 gfinn xelister 31 2011-08-11 01:55:23 1 good trade
7155 gfinn Dark_Apostrophe 15 2011-09-14 23:00:57 1 good transaction
6726 gfinn acamus 8 2011-08-21 22:07:25 -5 He disappeared after I sent him cash and did not release BTC from escrow; after almost 4 weeks, he released the funds after prodding from rapeghost. He claimed to not have received the cash; his landlord probably stole it. If true, it's partly due to the ambiguous address he gave me. I wish he had come on to discuss it with me. Will not deal with him again.
32732 gfinn skinnkavaj -4 2013-12-18 02:49:52 -10 offered money for a job and then backed out after I spent 2+ hours on the job
6888 gfinn BitcoinAuctioneer -21 2011-08-28 21:11:04 -1 I bought some bitcoins from him at auction and otc. He sent first and all was well. But see ratings from copumpkin/random_cat. I'll adjust this if that was just a mistake and he makes it right...