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About Usagi

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List of negative ratings received [json]

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rating notes
17405 mircea_popescu 179 Usagi 2012-11-25 00:40:40 -1
35443 fluffypony 103 Usagi 2014-06-10 10:21:50 -4 Doesn't know how to backup in any way, shape, or form. He also refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, and then negrates because he thinks this is a Web of Trades and not a Web of Trust. Will adjust this rating if things change over time.
14883 smickles 93 Usagi 2012-11-12 02:00:33 -1 defaulted on this: and tries overcome simple facts with appeals to emotion
35411 Apocalyptic 59 Usagi 2014-05-29 17:26:25 -2 shouldn't handle other people's money
35460 bingoboingo 56 Usagi 2014-08-18 18:49:19 -4 Generally seems well intentioned, but has a troubling history of creating long term offerings that with extraordinarily poor outcomes.
35499 pete_dushenski 19 Usagi 2014-06-03 13:23:05 -5 milkman who can't back up .dat file. not to be trusted with coins.
35421 pankkake 13 Usagi 2014-05-30 09:48:08 -2 repeatedly lost investors funds, called it a success or blamed things other than himself
35426 publio 10 Usagi 2014-05-30 21:49:35 -3 Has lost people's coin negligently, yet refuses to accept any responsibility. Also moderates own threads.
15824 eskimobob -17 Usagi 2013-02-10 18:38:50 -2 Removed my -4, looks like he is actually trying to make good on all the previous fuck-up's.
35457 danielpbarron -34 Usagi 2014-08-17 14:48:58 -2 ; doesn't know how to WoT