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22570 BUY EPiSKiNG- 14.0 BTC 872.19 USD Buying up to $5000 worth of bitcoin via Cash in Mail, Wire transfer, or Bank Deposit. PM me or email my nickname without the - at the end at gmail.com
22586 SELL EPiSKiNG- 14.0 BTC 963.99 USD Selling up to $5000 worth of bitcoin for CASH IN MAIL/FEDEX/UPS ONLY!! You send first (check my rating). Rate determined by the market price at the time I receive the package. I will confirm the total with you, and if you disagree, I will mail the cash back to you (less shipping costs).
22647 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Name change sponsorship 527 USD minimum. You do paperwork & pay my name change fees, you get PR worth more http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=5BizQdp6
22866 SELL TheButterZone 25.0 USD 0.02723 BTC US EE savings bonds >5 years for BTC. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1111080.0
23038 BUY Michail1 50.0 BTC 844.64 USD Buying up to 50BTC via CIM (Cash in Mail (or in person)) USPS/UPS/FedEx.
23039 SELL Michail1 5000.0 USD 991.54 BTC Selling up to $5000 via CIM (Cash in Mail (or in person)) USPS/UPS/FedEx.
23040 SELL Michail1 50.0 BTC 1009.9 USD Selling up to 50BTC via CIM (Cash in Mail (or in person)) USPS/UPS/FedEx. Once I receive the funds, I will transfer the BTC.
23081 BUY Dizzle 10.0 BTC 881.37 USD Cash.
23083 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 BTC 1250 USD NO PAYPAL EVER, ONLY: Face-to-face, cash in mail or deposit to my CU & 0.8 BTC per day limit
23084 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC via just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
23089 BUY mips_otc 0.03 btc 26.26 usd ebay bucks balance, must setup ebay auction and accept paypal.
23090 BUY Rishodi 10.0 BTC 908.91 USD Cash in mail, cash deposit, wire transfer, certified check, and other payment methods available. Up to $8000 per trade. Escrow welcomed. See https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/Rishodi/
23095 SELL claudiney 1.0 BTC 940 USD Card at https://cex.io/r/1/up101577295/1