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20770 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 $50 Gift Cards 0.20526 BTC Selling $-50-$ Gift Card/Codes. All gift cards in stock and ready for immediate download except phone PINS. -- www.cryfter.com -- Pizza, Amazon, Skype, iTunes, Gaming. Always in stock.
21876 BUY GlooBoy 100.0 Amazon 0.32686 BTC Buying up to 100$<-(todays limit) Physical Amazon Gift Cards (NO eGIFT CARDS) - Offer only available to those with considerable OTC/WoT trust. -/msg GlooBoy for a exact quote and privacy - visit https://localbitcoins.com/ad/72576/?ch=c6c
21911 BUY Inversion 0.2 BTC 282.65 PPUSD PayPal, but better to buy Amazon gift card (GPB/USD) of specified amount to your email (lower fee for me), or I can buy your wish list. Safe buyer, but dealing only with small amounts 20-50$. If I'm offline here, email me: yura.des@gmail.com