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16379 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Adium GPG helper script 0 BTC https://github.com/nanotube/supybot-bitcoin-marketmonitor/blob/master/GPG/helperscripts/bitcoin-otc-gpg-eauth-adium.applescript
18569 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 BTC referral 1 % finder's fee I will find people to buy your BTC or sell you BTC. Auth & /join #thebutterzone
18971 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Tacticool gear 0 BTC Individual prices at bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=270631.0
19930 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC. Just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
20000 SELL sturles 0.1 BTC 413.86 PPUSD Selling small amounts for PayPal to new users. Some conditions apply. Rated users may be allowed to buy more.
20001 BUY sturles 1.0 BTC 367.31 PPUSD Buying mall amounts for PayPal when I have PPUSD. Safe buyer.
20074 SELL sturles 20.0 BTC 2477.6 NOK Domestic bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency NOK --ask
20075 BUY sturles 10.0 BTC 2419.8 NOK Domestic bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency NOK --bid
20078 SELL sturles 20.0 BTC 306.03 EUR #eu SEPA bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency EUR --ask
20079 BUY sturles 10.0 BTC 295.99 EUR #eu SEPA bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency EUR --bid
20351 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 USD donation to nonprofit 0.0026628 BTC Item list at bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=218550.0
20352 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Voiceover service 0.13314 BTC Deposit, subtracted from final invoice. voiceover.thebutterzone.com
20353 SELL TheButterZone 200.0 Words of Copy Editing 0.026628 BTC First 100 words free. editor.thebutterzone.com
20354 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Mystery Box 0.026628 BTC minimum order bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240338.0
20544 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Violin 2.1303 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240326.0
20584 SELL Hasimir 1.0 Insult Script (foad.py) 0.01 BTC Comprehensive script for use with IRC, Twitter and other apps to automate and customise insults: https://github.com/adversary-org/foad payment/donations to address in the script appreciated.
20658 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 Escrow 0 BTC Providing Free Simple Escrow Service (less than $200) to Registered members of OTC. Donations always welcomed: 1J7c8rYvUyHrvTgmNrQGhqEz7EhkxNnJUE - A small fee of 1-2 % for complex trades or for using M-of-N Split Address Escrow. /msg GlooBoy for complete privacy and/or price quote.
20770 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 $50 Gift Cards 0.1402 BTC Selling $-50-$ Gift Card/Codes. All gift cards in stock and ready for immediate download except phone PINS. -- www.cryfter.com -- Pizza, Amazon, Skype, iTunes, Gaming. Always in stock.
21339 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 SmallDog.com treat 0.015924 BTC maximum. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=755705.0
21370 SELL csm 1.0 BTC 413.86 USD PayPal, buyer covers fees, if any; selling varying amounts
21390 SELL csm 1.0 BTC 313.23 EUR SEPA transfer; selling varying amounts
21410 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 @TheButterZone.com or @TBZ1.com Email Forward 0.015977 BTC per address's yearly forwarding contract. Details at bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=555105.0
21411 SELL Martok88 1.0 Steam games 0 BTC Buy any Steam game with bitcoin. Instant delivery of most games - https://steambitshop.com
21416 SELL csm 1.0 BTC 247.11 GBP UK bank transfer; selling varying amounts
21430 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Lapel pins or pinback buttons 0.0026628 BTC each, plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=172847.0
21431 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 NETGEAR NAS 0.53257 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=758483.0
21432 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Flute 0.26628 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240349.0
21470 SELL pyroarchy 1.0 IBM small microphone on 3 foot cord 3.5mm male audio jack. Very small and simple comes in a holster with 3M adhesive backing 5 usd free shipping to USA and PR
21476 SELL RBecker 1.0 Document Scanning Services 0.02 BTC I will scan your documents, photos, film negatives, and slides. Paper up to A4 sized is okay. PM for info.
21478 SELL RBecker 1.0 Proxy Buy Services 0.26628 BTC I will buy something for you on a website of your choice. Up to $100. PM for info.
21479 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Baldwin baby grand piano 39.942 BTC You or piano mover pick up in mid-San Diego, CA bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=167776.0
21481 BUY TecanBTC 0.5 btc 200 ppusd
21482 BUY TecanBTC 0.25 btc 110 ppusd
21483 SELL moaa 1.0 $100 WalMart Gift Card 0.25 BTC
21484 BUY |EHG| 1.0 Block Erupter 330 Mh/s 0.02 BTC
21485 SELL owowo 1.0 Bitmain AntMiner S1 180GH/S Miner overclockable to 200 GH/S 0.5 BTC plus shipping.
21493 SELL BingoBoingo 1.0 Roy Wood Sellars The Philosophy of Physical Realism 1.5 BTC Shipping negotiable
21494 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Anime collection 0.3009 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240328.0
21498 SELL chmod755 1.0 Bitmain AntMiner S1 0.299 BTC includes shipping (EU only), power supply. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/z5s6n #eu
21500 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Lot of Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, other RPG books 1.3208 BTC plus USPS Media Mail with tracking. List at TBZ1.com
21502 SELL nubbins` 1.0 100% Organic Cotton HODL t-shirt 0.093199 BTC http://i.imgur.com/afcSgpjl.jpg
21508 SELL yang 1.0 Registered domain names 1 BTC ask for the list of domains
21509 SELL asciilifeform 1.0 Symbolics 3620 Lisp Machine. Photos: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=51 3 btc must pick up in Washington, D.C. area, this item cannot be shipped economically.
21510 SELL bigtip 1.0 iPhone5s 350 AT&T http://i.imgur.com/mpvZaLw.jpg
21512 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Entity license for THE Bitcoin Sound 0.25 BTC bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=276813.0
21514 SELL PLATO 0.2 BTC 400 PPUSD ($80 total)
21515 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Small thrift store's inventory 16.534 BTC See http://fs.tbz1.com Click next> for the final page
21516 SELL TheButterZone 19000.0 German marks 0.20238 BTC for all, plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=800528.0
21520 BUY yang 0.1 BTC 280 PPEUR
21522 SELL yang 1.0 Techno/Rave/Rock original music CDs 0.01 BTC Price varies, depending on the quality of records, list http://bit.ly/1rxuCHL
21523 BUY Dizzle 2.0 BTC 375 USD Cash deposit to Wells Fargo, Schwab, Bank of America, or Frost account.
21525 SELL nubbins` 1.0 The Times January 3 2009 0 BTC Make an offer!
21526 SELL markus 2.0 Amazon GiftCard 0.026628 BTC $10 Amazon Gift Cards
21527 BUY jesseberry 0.1 btc 40 USD GreenDot Moneypak
21528 SELL chuckp 1.0 Bengal_Cat 2 BTC http://i.imgur.com/5eVoRVv.jpg Spayed with MicroChip, special ship expensive rare cat.
21529 BUY csm 4.5 BTC 295.99 EUR SEPA; buying varying amounts