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16379 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Adium GPG helper script 0 BTC https://github.com/nanotube/supybot-bitcoin-marketmonitor/blob/master/GPG/helperscripts/bitcoin-otc-gpg-eauth-adium.applescript
18490 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Entity license for THE Bitcoin Sound 0.2 BTC bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=276813.0
18569 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 BTC referral 1 % finder's fee I will find people to buy your BTC or sell you BTC. Auth & /join #thebutterzone
18971 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Tacticool gear 0 BTC Individual prices at bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=270631.0
19930 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC. Just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
20000 SELL sturles 0.1 BTC 558.16 PPUSD Selling small amounts for PayPal to new users. Some conditions apply. Rated users may be allowed to buy more.
20001 BUY sturles 1.0 BTC 496.86 PPUSD Buying mall amounts for PayPal when I have PPUSD. Safe buyer.
20074 SELL sturles 20.0 BTC 3191.8 NOK Domestic bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency NOK --ask
20075 BUY sturles 10.0 BTC 3126.7 NOK Domestic bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency NOK --bid
20078 SELL sturles 20.0 BTC 394.65 EUR #eu SEPA bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency EUR --ask
20079 BUY sturles 10.0 BTC 382.84 EUR #eu SEPA bank transfer. Price is approximate, for exact current price type: /msg gribble ticker --market bitmynt --currency EUR --bid
20351 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 USD donation to nonprofit 0.0019725 BTC Item list at bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=218550.0
20352 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Voiceover service 0.098625 BTC Deposit, subtracted from final invoice. voiceover.thebutterzone.com
20353 SELL TheButterZone 200.0 Words of Copy Editing 0.019725 BTC First 100 words free. editor.thebutterzone.com
20354 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Mystery Box 0.019725 BTC minimum order bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240338.0
20355 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 SmallDog.com treat 0.0078703 BTC minimum. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=136955.0
20356 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Anime collection 0.25643 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240328.0
20360 SELL TheButterZone 2.0 Lapel pins or pinback buttons 0.0098625 BTC shipped. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=172847.0
20362 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Apple iSight webcam 0.19725 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=428236.0
20541 SELL TheButterZone 2.0 Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix 20oz Bags 0.039332 BTC shipped.
20542 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 NETGEAR NAS 0.41028 BTC shipped. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=130115.0
20544 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Violin 1.578 BTC plus shipping TBD. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240326.0
20552 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 @TBZ1.com Email Forward 0.011835 BTC for yearly forwarding contract, year resets 2015-07-04. Details at bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=555105.0
20584 SELL Hasimir 1.0 Insult Script (foad.py) 0.01 BTC Comprehensive script for use with IRC, Twitter and other apps to automate and customise insults: https://github.com/adversary-org/foad payment/donations to address in the script appreciated.
20658 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 Escrow 0 BTC Providing Free Simple Escrow Service (less than $200) to Registered members of OTC. Donations always welcomed: 1J7c8rYvUyHrvTgmNrQGhqEz7EhkxNnJUE - A small fee of 1-2 % for complex trades or for using M-of-N Split Address Escrow. /msg GlooBoy for complete privacy and/or price quote.
20667 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Lot of Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, other RPG books 1.1825 BTC Shipped USPS Media Mail with tracking. List at TBZ1.com
20685 SELL DoctorBTC 1.0 1981 Delorean DMC-12 49.313 BTC No guarantee you can time travel back to 2009 and mine blocks. You can however drive this cool car.
20770 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 $50 Gift Cards 0.10396 BTC Selling $-50-$ Gift Card/Codes. All gift cards in stock and ready for immediate download except phone PINS. -- www.cryfter.com -- Pizza, Amazon, Skype, iTunes, Gaming. Always in stock.
20985 SELL RBecker 1.0 Scanning Services 0.02 BTC I will scan your documents, photos, film negatives, and slides. Paper up to A4 sized is okay. I am willing to GPG sign an NDA if necessary. PM for details.
21158 SELL dignork 250.0 USD 0.46847 BTC Amazon GC stamp -5%
21180 BUY coin_trader 1.0 BTC 506.97 USD Buying your BTC for Cash. Various methods. Rates depend on payment method— Cash Deposit into any bank branch. Bank Wire to your account anywhere on Earth. PayPal in any currency. We can even go to a store and buy Vanilla/MP/PPMC scratch-offs for you! Also Cash-in-Mail & Face-to-Face in NYC. Msg us @ cryptotrader100@gmail.com if we’re not on IRC, or our LBC profile -
21181 SELL coin_trader 1.0 BTC 506.97 USD Selling my BTC for cash. Various methods. Rates depend on payment method used— Cash deposit into my BoA or TD account. Wire transfer. Face-to-Face in NYC. Msg us @ cryptotrader100@gmail.com if we’re not on IRC, or our LBC profile - https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/coin_trader/
21215 BUY coin_trader 1.0 webdev 506.97 BTC We have need of some talented Front End web developers to execute a fully polished, professional UI for a website. Ideally in nodeJS, HTML5, or Django/jinja2. Immediate start for candidate. msg or email cryptotrader100@gmail.com for details
21227 SELL Gladamas 3.0 PPUSD 547.53 PPUSD/XBT Buying BTC, LTC or DOGE for Paypal USD (1.08 * market price)
21228 SELL husnaina 0.1 btc 53 usd 0.0001-0.1btc max
21234 SELL CompulsiveConfig 1.0 $40 Amazon US Gift Card 0.049 BTC Can provide photos on request.
21239 BUY bbrox 0.1 btc 590 USD
21241 SELL danielpbarron 1.0 Mr. Accessory 0.019708 BTC http://danielpbarron.com/MEAT/
21243 BUY aegis 1.0 BTC 487.12 MoneyPak
21253 BUY beethoven8201 10.0 BTC 507 USD Bank cash deposit. BOA, TD
21255 SELL nubbins` 1.0 Casascius 2013 1BTC Silver Series-3 3 BTC PGP custody chain, free shipping
21256 SELL nubbins` 1.0 Casascius 2011 1BTC Brass Series-1 5 BTC Also entertaining offers
21257 SELL nubbins` 1.0 Casascius 2013 0.5BTC Brass Series-3 1 BTC Free shipping
21277 SELL DeepSpace 0.582 BTC 227.36 EUR SEPA
21280 BUY csm 4.5 BTC 382.84 EUR bank wire within SEPA or cash in mail within Germany
21281 BUY csm 5.0 BTC 304.39 GBP UK Bank Transfer
21286 BUY promethyl 0.2 BTC 542.46 PPUSD
21293 SELL broz 1.0 Casascius 1 BTC 2012 Brass 1.5 BTC
21294 BUY dustintheweb 0.05 btc 26 USD -- Buying some BTC at just above spot, hit me up if interested
21295 SELL nubbins` 1.0 The Times Jan 3 2009 1 BTC Free shipping! Comes with CoA.
21296 BUY fireinyourhole 19.4 btc 10000 USD Will do bank deposit/moneypak. Would prefer to use Bitrated as an escrow service. Message me on IRC please - I am a bit flexible about the rates. All I want is safety and quality. Regards
21297 BUY SrPeixinho 0.25 BTC 506.97 PPUSD
21299 BUY genericpersona 1.0 BTC 459.65 PPUSD I want to buy your coins at the average. Or around that rate. Lez trade.
21304 BUY Rishodi 20.0 BTC 507.21 USD Cash deposit (BoA, WF, PNC, SunTrust, BB&T, CO-OP), cash in mail, PayPal, Dwolla, Amazon GC, and others
21305 BUY EPiSKiNG- 5.0 BTC 471.51 USD Buying 5-100 BTC for cash in mail, cash in person or cash deposit to any bank near me. I'm in California. You can contact me at episking through gmail
21306 SELL nubbins` 1.0 2013 Canada $350 Polar Bear Pure Gold Coin 7.25 BTC .99999 purity, original packaging, highly sought-after
21307 BUY wahbaduck 0.7 btc 522.64 ppusd rated - smaller amts okay
21314 SELL chmod755 10.0 EUR 0.025888 BTC Paysafecard
21315 BUY je_fro 1.0 btc 512.49 USD Cash Deposit, any Major US Bank, PP, Other, Rated, contact jecrypto at gmail.
21317 BUY bitcoinsters 11.0 btc 5900 USD cash deposit(BoA,Chase,Wells Fargo)
21318 BUY cornfeedhobo 30000.0 XMR 0.0033 BTC PM for details
21319 BUY antjr 1.0 BTC 506.97 USD Paying with Chase Quick Pay
21320 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 VISA 0.065035 BTC Selling $-25-$ Vanilla Visa Gift Card - code is sent GPG via email or private chat. This is a USA Only Card, Other amounts may include $50 and $100 - See my 25$ Vanilla Visa Ad here: https://localbitcoins.com/ad/97763/?ch=c6c
21321 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 Gift VIsa 0.12022 BTC Selling $-50-$ Vanilla Visa Gift Card - code is sent GPG in email or private chat. This is a USA Only Card, Other amounts may include $25 and $100 - See my 50$ Vanilla Visa Ad here: https://localbitcoins.com/ad/97982/?ch=c6c
21322 SELL kkramer 0.4 BTC 517.11 DWOLLA
21324 BUY rotarydialer 1.0 $110 Vanilla Reload 0.21698 BTC Looking to exchange at market price in exchange for a $110 vanilla reload. PM me to discuss
21325 SELL gawzirabaws 1.0 Apple iPad Mini 16GB WiFi w/ Retina display 0.67 BTC latest model with wifi (no cellular), retina display, 16GB, pristine condition including box and all original accessories and even those white Apple stickers
21326 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Lot of new and used items 71.657 BTC You pick up. See http://fs.tbz1.com Click next> for the final page
21327 SELL TheButterZone 1.0 Baldwin baby grand piano 59.175 BTC You or piano mover pick up in mid-San Diego, CA bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=167776.0
21329 SELL Samoi 0.1165 btc 506.97 USD Western union transfer to NZ. Buyer pays fees. Would prefer to use escrow unless you'll go first.