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23563 Mad7Scientist BCB 1043 2013-04-13 01:59:20 -2 Bandwagon rating: User may not honor a lockin if the value of BTC being purchesed tanks. phrog sold 20 BTC (@$245) to BCB and BCB requested a price lock in. BTC tanked, BCB backed out leaving phrog with an $800 loss. $800 must have been worth less than the neg rating and they worked it out. The whole thing was a big ordeal that should have never happened.
37629 Mad7Scientist Cusipzzz 195 2015-03-09 20:25:26 -5 Censored anti vaccine chat in #bitcoin-otc, but most other off topic chat is okay.
37630 Mad7Scientist TheLordOfTime 28 2015-03-09 20:28:06 -5 Under the IRC nick teward, censored anti vaccine chat in #bitcoin-otc, but most other off topic chat is okay.
9136 Mad7Scientist spawn- 20 2012-06-08 00:26:41 -3 owes me ~$90 says his PP account was frozen for 180 days and he has no cash to send me. He did send me some other money he owed after his primary account froze.
23859 Mad7Scientist Blitz- -11 2013-11-30 22:06:21 -5 nigga owes me $90 bucks
9660 Mad7Scientist cal1fub3ralle5 -12 2012-03-30 21:14:50 -5 UPDATE: CHARGEBACK 3-30-12 of $60 (one of the transactions). Bought 24.81 BTC from me for PPUSD total so far. Sent first. Also known as synx419 (because of a temporarily lost passphrase) and has an eBay account eaglesfan8968344(13)
23629 Mad7Scientist Supa -675 2013-04-18 16:19:21 -9 I don't know why they allow this account to negrate everyone