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20770 SELL GlooBoy 1.0 $50 Gift Cards 0.14143 BTC Selling $-50-$ Gift Card/Codes. All gift cards in stock and ready for immediate download except phone PINS. -- www.cryfter.com -- Pizza, Amazon, Skype, iTunes, Gaming. Always in stock.
21643 BUY GlooBoy 100.0 Amazon 0.22522 BTC Buying up to 100$<-(todays limit) Physical Amazon Gift Cards (NO eGIFT CARDS) - Offer only available to registered OTC/WoT members. -/msg GlooBoy for a exact quote and privacy. - https://localbitcoins.com/ad/72576/?ch=c6c
21658 SELL yang 1.0 Amazon Germany 10 EUR voucher code 0.025 BTC (Valid with Amazon purchase over 50 EUR, valid until 30 November 2014)
21705 SELL alexs3 50.0 USD 0.0026916 BTC will buy on ebay, amazon etc. email alexsand3()yahoo.com