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19930 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC. Just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
21158 SELL dignork 250.0 USD 0.49242 BTC Amazon GC stamp -5%
21180 BUY coin_trader 1.0 BTC 482.31 USD Buying your BTC for Cash. Various methods. Rates depend on payment method— Cash Deposit into any bank branch. Bank Wire to your account anywhere on Earth. PayPal in any currency. We can even go to a store and buy Vanilla/MP/PPMC scratch-offs for you! Also Cash-in-Mail & Face-to-Face in NYC. Msg us @ cryptotrader100@gmail.com if we’re not on IRC, or our LBC profile -
21181 SELL coin_trader 1.0 BTC 482.31 USD Selling my BTC for cash. Various methods. Rates depend on payment method used— Cash deposit into my BoA or TD account. Wire transfer. Face-to-Face in NYC. Msg us @ cryptotrader100@gmail.com if we’re not on IRC, or our LBC profile - https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/coin_trader/
21304 BUY Rishodi 20.0 BTC 482.89 USD Cash deposit (BoA, WF, PNC, SunTrust, BB&T, CO-OP), cash in mail, PayPal, Dwolla, Amazon GC, and others
21305 BUY EPiSKiNG- 5.0 BTC 448.63 USD Buying 5-100 BTC for cash in mail, cash in person or cash deposit to any bank near me. I'm in California. You can contact me at episking through gmail
21315 BUY je_fro 1.0 btc 488.21 USD Cash Deposit, any Major US Bank, PP, Other, Rated, contact jecrypto at gmail.
21317 BUY bitcoinsters 11.0 btc 5900 USD cash deposit(BoA,Chase,Wells Fargo)
21319 BUY antjr 1.0 BTC 482.31 USD Paying with Chase Quick Pay
21330 SELL nubbins` 1.0 2013 Canada $350 Polar Bear Pure Gold Coin 3700 USD .99999 purity, highly sought-after, low mintage, original packaging.
21338 BUY Ssateneth 1.0 New sealed ASUS PG278Q Computer Monitor 800 USD
21352 BUY kaylabay 0.07896 BTC 40 USD moneypak
21367 SELL kenw2 1.0 $25 Walmart Giftcode 25 usd Can provide proof, please PM me.
21368 BUY RainMan28 1.0 BTC 458.19 USD Cash Deposit or Paypal.
21370 SELL csm 1.0 BTC 531.72 USD PayPal, buyer covers fees, if any; selling varying amounts
21371 BUY ruukasu 0.1 BTC 50 USD MoneyPak
21372 SELL nubbins` 1.0 'What is Bitcoin?' silkscreened art print 45 USD 18x24", 5-color silkscreen on white Cougar acid-free paper, limited edition of 50 (only 8 left), shipping week of August 31, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=756955.0