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id type nick quantity thing price otherthing                     notes                    
19930 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC. Just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
20257 SELL numerisTrade 1.0 Repo transaction / Secured loan 537.2 USD Price is amount of Ripple/Coinbase collateral. See more at http://numeristrade.blogspot.com/p/products.html
20260 SELL strangeexchange2 0.35 btc 537.2 USD MP, Bank Transfer or Deposit, Cash in Hand Local Only.
20262 SELL bawse 5.0 BTC 473 USD Cash deposit with receipt to Bank of America, TD Bank or Citibank, I also accept moneypak. No paypal whatsoever
20266 BUY rosamania 0.08765 BTC 40 USD
20268 BUY dignork 0.5 btc 450 usd amazon gc
20269 BUY marky23 0.565 BTC 255 USD via western union or cash moneypak
20271 BUY marky23 1.362 BTC 620 usd via western union
20272 BUY marky23 1.335 BTC 675 usd via cash moneypak
20278 BUY psgs 0.05 btc 422.6 USD Payment via PayPal or otherwise negotiated with seller
20303 BUY citra 1.0 btc 800 usd
20304 SELL myxsoma 1.0 BTC 561 USD Selling BTC for Paypal, Dwolla, Chase Quickpay (these 3, rated users ONLY), also Paypal Cash Card, Western Union, for rated/unrated, other methods possible if you have an idea. Price can vary depending on market volatility so I will let you know what you'll get for what money. If I'm not on IRC reach me at myxsoma@gmail.com.
20335 SELL danielpbarron 360.0 USD 0.0028409 BTC CITM
20364 BUY danielpbarron 1.0 BTC 511.62 USD or best offer; CITM