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19930 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC. Just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
20972 BUY mehanizator 1.0 BTC 0 USD Buying BTC for Webmoney WMZ, price bitstamp-3%
20983 SELL mehanizator 1.0 BTC 0 USD Selling BTC for Webmoney WMZ, PerfectMoney USD price bitstamp+3%
21010 SELL Ex0deus 1.0 4 x 1GB PC-2700R ECC RAM Kit 50 USD 4 1GB RAM sticks pc-2700R ECC. Price is NEGOTIABLE. MUST GO!
21059 BUY tomfoolery 2000.0 usd 600.43 Cash deposit any major bank located in the financial district in San Francisco
21067 BUY csm 3.5 BTC 618.2 USD Amazon gift card delivered instantly via email
21069 BUY csm 3.5 BTC 600.78 USD Google Wallet
21094 BUY pankkake 1.0 Firefly dinos 50 USD Get it shipped to you, reship it to France https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/156d/
21100 BUY Rishodi 15.0 BTC 618.6 USD PayPal (≤$1000), Dwolla (≤$1000), Walmart-2-Walmart ($200-$900), Cash in mail ($200-$2000), Bank deposit to BofA, WF, PNC, SunTrust, BB&T, Co-op (≥$1000)
21107 SELL dignork 250.0 USD 0.40388 BTC Amazon GC
21108 SELL gawzirabaws 1.0 BFL 50GHs Miner 200 USD price includes USPS Priority shipping
21111 SELL pyroarchy 1.0 Pelican Case cube-shape 0340 http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail/Case/0340/ BRAND NEW NEVER USED! ALL ACCESORIES INCLUDED-wheels, screws, foam and paperwork 230 usd btc or paypal, shipping up to buyer
21112 SELL pyroarchy 1.0 10 foot long guitar cord, black color, 'pro co musicmover' brand 120s1 6 usd buyer pays shipping
21113 SELL pyroarchy 1.0 samsung tab 3 clear rubber case, new 5 usd buyer pays shipping
21115 BUY fuhcastles 0.07 btc 50 USD
21117 BUY pyroarchy 999.0 world of tank codes 5 usd
21126 BUY cornfeedhobo 100.0 btc 526.15 USD Cash in Person or Cash Deposit
21129 SELL BtcMike 1.0 KnC Titan Batch #1 Pre-Order Fully Paid 10130 usd Includes Shipping willing to do deal in person or over internet via BTC
21130 BUY csm 3.85 BTC 618.2 USD US bank wire
21132 BUY nell 1.0 btc 630 usd
21138 BUY elogeezuz 0.08 BTC 620 USD $50 mp for 0.08 BTC
21142 SELL myxsoma 1.0 BTC 665.42 USD Selling BTC for Paypal, Dwolla, Chase Quickpay (these 3, rated users ONLY), also Paypal Cash Card, Western Union, Serve for rated/unrated, other methods possible if you have an idea. Price can vary depending on market volatility so I will let you know what you'll get for what money. If I'm not on IRC reach me at myxsoma@gmail.com.
21147 SELL JohnDillinger 0.34 BTC 600 USD MG