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19930 BUY TheButterZone 1000.0 BTC 1 USD per BTC. Just about any payment method, will escrow with most chanops if you want.
21544 SELL alexs3 50.0 USD 0.0027938 BTC skrill at bitstamp weighted avg, ready to escrow and wait, email alexsand3()yahoo.com
21598 BUY FortuneDays 0.6 BTC 388.3 USD I want to buy 0.6 BTC. Willing to negotiate.
21605 SELL pyroarchy 1.0 iphone 4, 5 & samsung galaxy S3 screen protectors - comes with cleaning cloth 5x per order 3 USD free shipping USA & PR
21612 SELL csm 1.0 BTC 378.52 USD PayPal; selling varying amounts; buyer pays fees
21615 BUY nosunimunk 0.45 BTC 180 USD Cash by Mail, Amazon Gift, or other eGift card, escrow required.
21619 SELL bubfranks 1.0 BTC 361.38 USD amount and method flexible depending on rating (OBO for good rep so I can get some ratings)
21623 SELL Dizzle 1.0 Keybase.io Invite 0 USD Free invite to virally-marketed GPG username system.
21624 BUY Dizzle 3.0 BTC 323.52 USD Cash deposit to Amplify, Bank of America, BBVA Compass, Wells Fargo, or Frost account. Or face to face in ATX.